Vendor Application and Information

Request for Space at the Big Reno Show

  • This Application is a request only and therefore does not guarantee space is available until confirmed.
  • Your request will be e-mailed directly to the Big Reno Show team.
  • Please Note: Your application will not be accepted without acknowledgement that you have agreed to these Show Rules and the addendum below.
  • Exhibitor Hours Thursday 8am-5pm Friday 8am-5:30pm Saturday 8am-5:30pm Sunday 8am-3pm.

Addendum to Show Rules

All Firearms without exception must be inspected and tied in order to be sold, displayed or carried in this show and all clips and magazines must be removed and empty. All firearms applies to BB guns, pellet guns, antique, modern, collector type, flintlocks etc. No one, except for law enforcement personnel may carry or conceal a loaded firearm in the show. For CCW permit holders you will unload your firearm and tie it inoperable if you insist on carrying. The general public entering the show with a firearm are instructed to clear security for inspection and have their firearm tied. You are responsible for your firearms and the safety of yourself and those around you, never allow others to handle your firearms unattended and always make sure the firearm is pointed in a safe direction, the ceiling is most often the safest direction. No pyrotechnics, this includes flares, smoke devices and all gunpowder black or white. All federal, State and local laws will be obeyed, this applies not only to firearms but also the sale or display of all items. Switchblade knives are not allowed, definitions of such may be found by contacting the Washoe County Sheriff’s Department. Tasers, Stun guns, Stun batons and such will have no power source and never demonstrated. Bows and crossbows will be treated as firearms with arrows in a closed box or packet.